4E ANTI-JAM Recevier

Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) receiver

GPS Anti-Jam Technology

GNSS Smart is the biggest GNSS tech and devices provider that also offers GPS anti-jam solutions to people for aviation and other purposes.

Wonder What GPS Anti-Jam Technology Is?

GPS Anti-Jamming tech is effective when it comes to restricting signals from host satellites. They protect GPS receivers from interference and intentional jamming. They hold power to reduce the effect of interference so that the GNSS receiver can function without any hindrance. GPS Anti-Jam Technology is commonly used in modern warfare. In a battle field, the jammers make it very easy to block the opponent’s signals and shut them down until you strike.

Key Features

  • + Affordable protection for position, velocity and time
  • + High anti-jamming immunity
  • + Simultaneous GPS-L1, GLONASS-L1 and BD2- B1
  • + Adaptive digital nulling, provides 3 independent nulls

Leading edge technology

The 4E ANTI-JAM RECEIVER mitigates interference by creating nulls in the antenna gain pattern in the direction of jammers, providing significant anti-jam protection even in dynamic multi-jammer scenarios. Interference mitigation is achieved by applying proprietary digital null forming algorithms to the signals, creating dynamic nulls to give protection against narrowband and broadband interference sources.

High accuracy in a compact package

Designed to meet the mission needs of missile and munitions applications, The 4E ANTI-JAM RECEIVER provides you with a highly accurate, reliable system in a compact, cost-effective package. The 4E ANTI-JAM RECEIVER delivers accurate GNSS navigation either as a stand-alone system or when integrated with an existing INS Reference System.