About Us

GranStal Solutions Ltd., in an endeavor state of art solution to offer the best and renowned quality GNSS/INS products and best of the security to the China Defense and Aerospace. Our activities cover the best of its products in Multi-freq GNSS and Inertial Navigation system, and with a vision to become a principal player in the provision of the design, R&D and manufacture of reliable solutions of GNSS industry, Inertial Navigation Components for both industrial and defense use (dual-use).

The company has been able to quickly develop and assemble a team of world leading experts in inertial technology with a solid background in the design and development of inertial sensors, navigation software, certification and manufacturing processes.

We specialize in reliability, value and responsiveness. Cooperation and joint planning between our engineering groups and our clients drive our customer care experience. We work as an extension of our customers’ engineering and manufacturing teams to solve problems, improve applications, shorten lead-times and bring more value to their products and services.
Superb customer support is the cornerstone of our many successful, long-term customer relationships.